“Shadows Over the Moon” – a short story

I had told myself that I wasn’t going to write today.  Why?  Because I lost a short writing competition, again.  So I have been wallowing in a mud pile of self-pity since I received the email telling me I didn’t make it. I know that I’m not the only one writing pieces for these competitions.  I did, however, have really high hopes for this piece. Especially since I am trying to get a book deal, I know that it would give me quite a boost to get recognition with something like this.  I have copied my short story below. Feel free to give me your thoughts and feedback.

Shadows Over the Moon

     I kept walking, with my head down to stave off the cold.  My fingers were purple and stiff.  I was afraid of folding them for fear that I would lose pieces to the wind.  I had no idea where I was going, only that I had been thrown out.  My tears froze on my face and I could remove them as icicles.  If only I was close to my family, but they had sent me to that house to serve.  They needed the money.  Besides, with a growing belly I would not only be a shame but a burden.

     The wind picked up as if it too wanted to condemn me.  As if it had the right to judge me.  I cried harder and fell on the ground.  Now I was not only cold, I was wet.  I closed my eyes and thought how cruel it was to die this way, alone on a street that I had walked every day to go buy bread for the ingrates that had put me out in it tonight.

    I heard the howl of a wolf and looked up to  find its shadow on the moon.  My stomach released itself and a light went on in the house to the right.  “Help,” I yelled, although it appeared to be a whisper.  The wind lowered its force and twice more I said it.  I heard voices, footsteps, and I felt a hand on my shoulder.

     Stiff as bark, I was picked up and carried away, one of my arms instinctively protecting the bastard that I did not want to keep.

**** I hope you enjoyed reading this.  And although, I have been feeling sorry for myself, I will only continue writing.  Many of the greats struggled to get their start, right?