When your heart is not “all in”


In these last few months I have been utterly overwhelmed with anything and everything that has to do with work.  I have let it become all-consuming that it has affected every aspect of my life.

There have been several situations that prove to me that I am not as important to my employers as I have made the job to me, therefore I believe a change needs to be made and I make it today.

When I started this position I was all excited thinking that things were going to be so much better than what I had been used to.  Sadly I have to admit now, that the grass wasn’t greener on this side.  I wish I would’ve listened to the advice an old co-worker tried to give me, but no, I “knew better.”

Well, now I can’t even sleep and I’ve had more doctor visits in less than a year than I’ve had in, I don’t know how long, due to stress.  My family has been affected and I am ashamed to admit that I put first something not as valuable as my them.

My heart has checked-out of this job and it’s back in its rightful place, with my family and myself.

Now if I could just make a living out of selling my books… (Sigh)  At least I can still dream.