Writing on Hold

For several months now, I have allowed my stress and occupations to take away from me the joy of writing.  I have channeled my dwindling energy into my work and household obligations, of which there is never a shortage of.  I am tired and I’ve reached the point where I just want to create.

I started writing my second novel and the idea took root quite quickly and began to blossom.  However, because of the situation mentioned above, I closed my notebook and left it alone.  I now feel guilty for ignoring my project.  I feel the story coming back to me and the need to get it all down.

I really don’t know how I can stretch my time any more, but I need to find a way.  Hopefully one day soon all of you will get the chance to meet the loving characters that are forming the world of this story.

I will no longer put my writing on hold.  Whatever it takes, I must write.  I need to regain my sanity!