Last Letter from Your Lover by Jojo Moyes

I just finished reading this emotionally charged book.  I must admit, I was somewhat lost in the beginning with the introduction of characters because it seemed it was all thrown together in one paragraph and then I had to separate them as the story moved along.  However, the main characters drew me in with their love story. The story was divided in three parts.  And when I read the last sentence of the second part my jaw just dropped and I felt a huge wave of disappointment.  I was actually at work and when I went back to my station my co-workers were asking me what was wrong.  I was that troubled about the turn of events in the story. As the day progressed, I debated on whether I wanted to continue reading the book or pick up a new one.  I am so glad that I decided to finish it.  The story turned around and it had somewhat of the ending I was expecting.  The disappointment for me there was that the ending was kind of rushed and their reunion “bland”. With that being said, I truly enjoyed this story, since I am a sucker for an intensely felt romance. Now, time to pick another book and I hope that it reels me in just like this one did.


Autism Awareness

Before the year 2002, I had never even heard the word autism.  And when I did, I had no idea what it meant.  I didn’t want to ask for fear of seeming insensitive or nosy.  But I was curious, especially since this was something that affected someone that was coming into my life.  A beautiful, little boy of five.

I tried having conversations with him and he wouldn’t respond.  But he did know I was there and he came to accept me.  He would listen and follow instruction although he never responded with words.  I felt special, in the sense that I had the chance to meet someone so pure.  In time, I watched him grow and had the opportunity to witness how marvelously intelligent he was.

Then I lost contact and haven’t seen him for years, but often I think of him and how great a soul he had.  And I think of other children that are affected by this illness.  How they are largely misunderstood because we are not informed and we can be judgemental.  Instinctively we tend to blame parents for not “controlling” their children, when we perceive them as misbehaving, not understanding how much more they have to work and the situation that they’re in.

As with many childhood illnesses we have a lot to learn, but what I learned the most is that these little ones have a lot of love to give and it is simply, without a doubt, honest. So, today, in honor of those little ones I went blue and I am glad that my co-workers joined me and that by spreading the word we can maybe, just maybe, add in the effort to help and provide a better living environment to all of these families that need to be helped and understood.