Finally Published

A few weeks ago I was able to finalize the publishing of my book. Hope in Letters came out and I couldn’t be more proud. The finished product has totally surpassed any expectation I had. I’m thankful that I was able to work with a great team of professionals who took my idea and, together with me, produced this beautiful cover and book.

Find your own copy at or through Kindle app store.



Release date

Friday, September 23rd! 

Hope in Letters will be available through

Hope in Letters


So excited to present to you all the cover of my upcoming first novel. Love the design done by Brian with Palmetto Publishing Group. The story is now in the editing stage and I can’t wait to have the finished product in my hands! This is one of my greatest accomplishments. I hope people everywhere can fall in love with the story. Soon I will have more details.


Ruined by stories

I completely love it when I am totally “ruined”by a great story!  What do I mean?  That I have an incredibly hard time getting involved in a new book because the book I just finished will not leave me.

I know lots of you can relate.  When you are engrossed in the life of the characters you’re reading about, you can feel everything they are going through.  It takes a special person to get you there.

For example, I have read books that are telling me the story, word by word, line by line, page by page.  And, I don’t know about you but that gets boring quick!  And even if I am attracted by the idea of the story I just can’t get through it.

On the other hand when I am enraptured… oh what a great feeling that is!  Example here would be Mrs. Poe by Lynn Cullen did that to me.  I could feel my heartbeat picking up and pitfalling.  I could feel the air around me when it was cold and the buzz of the talk around me from everyone involved in that story.

And, even though I’ve read other books in between, it’s been superficially.  Until, a few days ago.  I picked up The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah, who I love as an author, and I am still feeling the aftershocks of what I read!

And now, I can’t pick up another book because I’m stuck in WWII and the story of 2 sisters who lived things I couldn’t have imagined.

So, now I am gratefully ruined again!

And now I ask… what story has ruined you?


It has been a while since I ventured into writing poetry.  That’s all I used to write until I was hooked on writing stories.  But a couple of weeks ago,  I started by getting a word stuck in my mind and then I’d start looking for its mates and rhythm.  Here I leave my latest attempt.


Where do I go from here?

My life is in shambles,

My heart is in splinters.

The universe is against me,

The break that I need is only taunting.

I have spent hours staring into space,

Shivering from the pain,

Shaken with the violence of my tears,

Asking myself if it’s even worth it.

If I can make it through another day,

Feeling so broken.

I wrote this for a friend who’s going through a touch time, hopefully it will help her express her feelings.

When your heart is not “all in”


In these last few months I have been utterly overwhelmed with anything and everything that has to do with work.  I have let it become all-consuming that it has affected every aspect of my life.

There have been several situations that prove to me that I am not as important to my employers as I have made the job to me, therefore I believe a change needs to be made and I make it today.

When I started this position I was all excited thinking that things were going to be so much better than what I had been used to.  Sadly I have to admit now, that the grass wasn’t greener on this side.  I wish I would’ve listened to the advice an old co-worker tried to give me, but no, I “knew better.”

Well, now I can’t even sleep and I’ve had more doctor visits in less than a year than I’ve had in, I don’t know how long, due to stress.  My family has been affected and I am ashamed to admit that I put first something not as valuable as my them.

My heart has checked-out of this job and it’s back in its rightful place, with my family and myself.

Now if I could just make a living out of selling my books… (Sigh)  At least I can still dream.